Sometimes life just gets hard. Where did ‘happy’ go?

In 2004 a psychologist friend and I wrote the book “Toxic Stress: 7 Steps to Recovery” (Ann Arbor Media). Here’s how we defined “toxic stress”:
A difficult life situation (such as a job loss or a divorce)

  • Some degree of depression (sadness or disappointment or worse)
  • Some degree of anxiety (including worry or worse)
  • Some physical damage (such as headaches, gastro, high blood pressure)


This set of conditions was the most common matrix of symptoms in my friend Marilyn’s practice at the time. And I see it often, as well.

Do you recognize yourself in that? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Please let me help you get back on track. There is hope.

Together, let’s look at your situation. What part of it do you “own” as mistakes or wrong choices? What part is or was beyond your control? Stuff happens. . . . Let me help you frame your situation fairly and plot a route to a happier life. As your therapist, I listen and empathize, but I also go right to the heart of your situation. What are your options? What needs to change? And how do you get there? We want you to feel better and be in control of your own life.

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