My 4 Favorite Get-Organized Tips

My life has been multi-channel in the last six months — my home channel, my work channel, my nonprofit channel, my Mother channel (she has been ill, and I have taken over her finances). So yesterday while sitting on the passenger side of a long car trip, I vowed to get myself better organized and start ticking off a major To Do List. This led me to remind myself of my 4¬†Favorite Get-Organized Tips, and I’m sharing:

  • The Best To Do List: I have a To Do Today List and a To Do Some Other Day List. The Today List obviously consists of highest priorities. It has to be a realistic, achievable List, though. I want to get to the end of the day with Check! Check! Check! All done. I don’t want to set myself up for failure.
  • An Alternative: If there are no obvious high priorities on my To Do Today List, I will assign myself Two-A-Day Duty. I will accomplish any two that I feel like tackling, but I absolutely will end the day with two done. Check! Check!
  • The 15-Minute Fling: I have been telling clients about this de-cluttering technique for years. (And, boy, do I have stuff to de-clutter after closing down my mother’s apartment.) I “borrowed” it from, a fun website with many motivating and practical ideas for getting organized and de-cluttered. It’s based on her concept that Anyone Can Do Anything for 15 Minutes. So I will be scheduling myself for a daily 15-Minute Fling to put away some of Mother’s belongings that are in my spare bedroom.
  • Chunking. This is a basic of time management — “chunk” the things you need to do into smaller parts, so the task is less intimidating. For clients with overwhelming clutter, I have reduced their chunks down to very small parts — a corner, one half of the dining room table, the sink. For me, this will be a closet, a pile in the garage, paperwork.

I hope you’ll join me in getting organized. It has a “back-to-school” feel to me. Best of luck!