workplaceHave you ever had a performance review that stabbed you in the heart? Or a boss who micro-manages? Or a co-worker who is taking all the credit? Or a doubled workload when the company downsized?

Have you been searching for a new job and been sending resumes into online black holes?

You aren’t alone. In general, the workplace today is not an easy environment. I hear all the time about people who are working 12 hours a day, who are absorbing the work of people who were laid off. I hear about bosses who are clueless at motivating their employees through recognition, appreciation and support.

Sometimes you can cope; sometimes you just need to find another job. And that brings with it one of the great frustrations today: the online application. Some companies are asking applicants to complete hours-long testing or surveys before they even accept the application, much less offer an interview.

I have had much success in helping my clients cope with these situations.Group of happy young  business people in a meeting at office

I have extensive experience and training in management, including from 11 years with a Fortune 500 company. I am knowledgeable about workplace communication, interpersonal relations, hierarchies, office politics, dealing with difficult people – including how to avoid being one of those people.

For this reason, I am a favored provider of “work performance referrals” or “mandatory supervisor referrals” through Employee Assistance Programs. As a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, I coach and counsel employees who are in trouble with their supervisors and help them correct performance problems. I have been very successful in doing this with all levels of employees, from receptionists and assembly-line workers to executives.

If you are experiencing rocky times at work, please give me a call. I can help you develop a strategy to improve your performance, get along better with the boss, set and meet goals, change others’ perceptions of you and otherwise help you overcome obstacles to your success in the workplace. Counseling can help you see how you are your own worst enemy sometimes – and help you see what to do about it.

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